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Hjem USA-slekt The Eilert Branch
The Eilert Branch

In 1893 Eilert Kristian Larsen Birklid, born Feb. 21. 1869, emigrated to America with his brother Jacob. It is some difficult to follow his track, but he stayed for some years in Ransom County in North Dakota. There he became married the first time, their two oldest children was born, and his first wife Kristine Dorthea passed away. She arrived North Dakota in 1894, together with her sister Oline Andersen, her husband Kristen Andersen and their children.

At the 1900 Census Eilert stayed as a widower with his brother Jacob in Preston Township, but his oldest daughter Elida is not found in that Census. But it is to be sure - according to the son of EIida's cousin, Richard Birklid - that Elida stayed at Oline aud Kristen Fjeld at the 1900 Census. (Kristen Andersen, changed his surname to Fjeld). At the 1910 Census she is counted with this family, as at the 1920 Cenus. In 1905 Eilert went home to Norway a trip, and when he went back to America his youngest brother Elias followed him. According to the family, to his mothers deepest sorrow.

Eilert was married once more, to Anna Berkness from Minnesota. Probably they have stayed some years in Minnesota, because their only daughter Dorothy Imogene is born in Minnesota. They moved to McGregor in North Dakota and stayed there for many years. They are counted in McGregorin both the 1915 and the 1920 Census. Some time they moved to Kent in the State of Washington, where they lived there last years. Eilert died Nov. 20. 1938, and Anna May 22. 1941. They are both buried at Meridian Cemetery in Kent.

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